About Money Management Firms and Institutional Brokers

Some money managers like Allen & Company work with high-net-worth individuals, including some of the most well-known names in corporate America. Other firms serve a broader range of clients. Atlantic Financial Inc. specifically combines expertise of world-class money management from other firms (such as Fidelity) with a financial consultant’s personal attention. Using this, they are able to very carefully screen out those with the most money management potential and determine what would be the best plan for their clients according to their goals. Fidelity uses stylish techniques for risk management and research qualifications. They expand their client’s assets in uniformity with the client‘s objectives, they also have partnerships with third-party managers and have a dedicated team who works with their clients personally to ensure that their money is properly monitored. They also keep their clients informed by sending quarterly reviews of account activity along with the investment team’s viewpoints on the current market trends, account activity reports which states the account’s recent trades as well as year-end tax information in order to prepare their clients to file for their tax returns.

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