A Snuggie Against Loneliness

Long distance relationships are tough. There is no question to that. What is missing is often not just the knowledge that the partner is close but also the physical comfort this closeness brings. Even though the awareness of distance cannot be changed the physical comfort can be dealt with. When snuggling is not an option a Snuggie can help.

A Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves that is soft and can give you the warmth and the coziness that you were looking for. Depending on your mood there are multiple designs and patterns to choose from. Whether plain, leopard or zebra print a Snuggie keeps you completely warm while also giving you the freedom to use your hands and arms. When it is raining outside and everything looks grey the TV, the Snuggie and a cup of hot chocolate can put you in the mindset that the return of your partner does not seem to be as far away as you had previously thought. In the case that you are not interested in watching a movie or cannot find a good one, you will also have the opportunity to take out your computer, turn it on and video chat message or even only call your loved one without ever getting uncomfortable or cold.