When it comes to success, most business people understand that helping others, giving back and remaining open to potential opportunities are all essential keys to continued growth and overall happiness in all aspects of their lives. When they first ventured into a career path, many reached out to mentors for advice and wisdom. Writing books to help guide others is a common way business people give back to others for what was once given to them. Additionally, many of these same people understand that whenever you help another person, you are essentially helping yourself. Writing to help others continues to reinforce the steps, characteristic traits (i.e. values, integrity, etc.), and ingredients necessary to remain successful.

Books written by business people widely range in topic and variety. Some write books about the specific industry they work in while others enjoy writing educational books on a subject they might be particularly interested in. Other authors choose to give an autobiographical-like version on their own success stories. Inspirational, self-help books are also a very popular subject. Often business people write about the fact that in order to be successful they needed the support of a solid family and friend system. In other words, many books by business people focus on the idea that success comes from hard work and a well-balanced background and lifestyle.

Brian Tracy, a self-made millionaire has written many self-help, inspirational books that incorporate advice and tips on how to continue forward and make all your dreams come true. Tracy worked as a dishwasher at one point in his life. Therefore, his story is truly an incredible rags-to-riches success story about how hard work, courage, practical steps and perseverance pays off.

Expert in CEO Succession Dennis Carey, who is Vice Chairman of Korn/Ferry International, has authored numerous articles and books on the subject of executive recruiting. As a leader in the industry, Carey’s publications offer tips to aid in the difficult process of selecting a new chief executive officer.

A very popular author by the name of Stephen R. Covey has written many books on the specific habits of highly successful people. Through stories and examples, Covey demonstrates why effective people continue to succeed and how others can also. He is also a leader, teacher, organizational consultant and a family expert.

Authors like Stewart Rogers, write books about their personal business experiences and how what they learned can help make you as successful as possible. Rogers is a veteran sales professional who has made over 100,000 cold calls in his professional career and wrote a book to specifically help cold callers learn and benefit from his extensive experience.