Kyle Hendrick
Kyle Hendrick is known in the business community as one of the most established international ambassadors for business expansion as well as marketing. Hendrick has an abundance of experience with early stage and digital companies. He has worked heavily with developing, creating plans, and various initiatives for branding. For the last three years, Hendrick has been with the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C. It is here that he has been the leader in developing a large variety of portfolio verticals for different types of projects that have included start-ups, venture capitals, media, entertainment, sports, healthcare, and many others.

The understanding and influence that Kyle Hendrick has within the GCC (private and public sectors) stands out among the others in the market. His past experience has made him an expert in choosing companies that have a potential for growth in the market. Kyle’s main education began at James Madison University where he received his Bachelor’s degree. After obtaining his degree from James Madison, he received his Masters in Strategic Marketing & Digital Media from Georgetown University.

Arab Angel Fund
The Arab Angel Fund is a newer venture capital firm that is concentrated on supporting companies that have the potential to expand internationally. Using his knowledge of the industry, as well as the support of the others in the company, Hendrick created an organization that could support new companies in going global. The Arab Angel Fund is an investment firm that gives entrepreneurs opportunities and guidance that they might not have otherwise. The companies that work with Hendrick and the Arab Angel Fund will gain access to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Western Asia markets, and even the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The partners of the company are people that have been former diplomats, development executives (international and trade), managers of investment funds, family office investors, and executives that have connections with a variety of diversified verticals. Yousef Al Otaiba has even been known to have some connection within the company.