Sitting at your computer, looking through your Popular Screensavers, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to lay on the beach – The beach like the one in your Popular Screensavers database.  The white sandy beaches, the palm trees, and coconut water has you daydreaming about vacation.  The only thing stopping you is affordability.  However, studies show that using your income tax return can be an affordable way to save for vacation.

Traditionally, when we think about our income taxes we get a headache; however, this year, think of it as an inspiration for to go on the vacation you’ve always wanted. According to a poll from the Los Angeles Times, everyone is does it (well maybe not everyone, but everyone should). The poll state that among a sample of nearly 1,000 people, 57 percent said part of their tax refund would be used for a trip.

According to another survey, the top destination place for Americans is Australia, followed closely by, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and Mediterranean cruises.   Domestic travelers were interested in visiting places like Florida, California and New York. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that the average refund for 2010 tax returns is 3,070— Sounds like plenty to get a vacation fund started.