Justin Bieber Takes the World

Justin Bieber has conquered Hollywood – Dating Selena Gomez, recording hit music, buying a house in Los Angeles – Now he’s  conquering the world.  NBC’s Justin Bieber: All Around the World, is a two-episode event and will air TBD.

How old is he again? The 18-year-old just released his new album, Believe, on Tuesday, as well as a two-part NBC special airing Wednesday and Thursday that captures Bieber onstage and behind the scenes during a recent world-wide promotion.

“I took nearly eight months to record this album, now it’s back to the grind, which I enjoy,” says Bieber in a voice that’s deepening as his face thins. “I’m maturing, and so is my music.”

According to USA Today, Believe serves up a mix of “Usher-guided tunes.”

US Weekly senior music editor, Ian Drew, said “With Justin Timberlake going into acting, the door is open for this other Justin to be the white artist who can court an African-American audience.”

Not to mention his world-wide popularity. “Thing were so crazy in Paris that Justin smacked his head on a glass wall.”

Bieber said,  “You’ll see that in the (NBC) show, just what I go through on a given day.”

“Once you’re on top, people wonder when you’ll fall,” he says. “I have to keep working hard.”

Source: USA Today