Learn From The Past With ‘The Nazis: A Warning From History’

We learn from our past to make sure something similar will not occur in the future. At least that is what is expected from us. Experiences and knowledge gained from mistakes provide stronger understanding and knowledge that should keep us from letting events take place again. The documentary “The Nazis: A Warning From History” aims at educating and showing people of today what men are capable of doing if we are not extremely careful.

The Time Life series exposes common myth about how a country went down its path to create one of the darkest chapters in the 20th century. The Nazis: A Warning From History follows the steps of victims, witnesses and reports published. The six-part series shows interviews from those who were directly affected and gives accounts from acclaimed historians explaining and portraying the causes and factors that made the nation follow its leader Hitler. It also brings up the question of what others forces were involved in the transformation of a civilized country to one of misery, paranoia and cruelty. The Nazis: A Warning From History provides an insight view to what the life of an average German must have been like and what we can learn from their mistakes.