Have you been slacking on your reading lately? Need to renew some subscriptions? An article on Squirrel Machine about the National Magazine Exchange discussed how the company offers competitive rates for hundreds of magazine titles, including ELLE, which featured Katy Perry as its most recent cover girl. But maybe you’re not into fashion or pop culture. Maybe you’re into beer.

In that case, the National Magazine Exchange can still help you. Beer magazines such as All About Beer, Ale Street News, Zymurgy and Brew Your Own all strive to teach readers about the complexities of beer, how to brew your own batch at home and what makes one particular brew better than all the rest.

The latest issue of Beer Magazine features an article that’s perfect to kick off summer—“Summer Games: Play these with a Beer in Hand.” Another article, “The Pale Ale Challenge,” tests 9 beers but there can only be one winner. You’ll have to subscribe to find out. What are you waiting for?