Mad Men Premiered this Week

Hopelessly awaiting, Mad Men Season 5, finally premiered this week. For those of you who have never seen Mad Men, the show takes places in an advertising agency during the 1960s on Madison Avenue.

The story starts with Young and Rubicam, two advertising men, dropping bags filled with water on the protesters parading on the Madison Avenue sidewalk. Meanwhile, protestors marched right up to the Advertising Agency’s office and spoke with the secretary.  The protestors explained that to the secretary that water bag were being dropped from this office building. After a few passes back and forth the advertising men entered the scene carrying the water the water bags. The protestor said, “And they call us savages.”

One critics, Matt Zoller Seitz for New York magazine, said that the line “And they call us savages” was terrible line that should have been red-penciled.

What most people probably don’t know, maybe even Matt Zoller, is that this weeks episode actually happened in real life. According to the New York Time, the first scene was almost written verbatim to an article in The Time on May 28, 1966.

The article said:

“A container of water was pitched out of one of the windows of the building, splashing two spectators. Later, two demonstrators were hit by water-filled paper bags thrown from the building.”

A 9-year-old boy was struck. Several women in the protest, including the boy’s mother, hurried up to the advertising agency’s sixth-floor offices and confronted a secretary about the water throwing.

“This is the executive floor,” the secretary said. “That’s utterly ridiculous.”

“Don’t you call us ridiculous,” a protester shouted. “Is this what Madison Avenue represents?”

“And they call us savages,” a protester named Vivian Harris said.

– New York Times