Mirror, Mirror in Theaters Tomorrow!

The time has finally come, Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts as the stunning wicked Queen and newbie Lilly Collins as Snow White, in the upcoming rendition of the classic fairy-tale, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs is in theaters tomorrow, March 16!

So, who is the fairest of them all? I guess we’ll find out – People reports that the movie will be taking a lighter spin to the traditionally dark fairy-tale.  If the fact that this movie is a rendition of the traditional fairytale isn’t enough for you maybe the costumers will. The image attached to this post is when Snow White (complete with her white swan wings) is introduced to the unimpressed evil queen for one scene in the movie.  You can see the costumes are stunning.

The movie has been featured in all of the popular gossip magazines. For example, US Weekly Magazine reports a few photos, quotes and more quotes, while People Magazine gives a full description of the movie. Both magazines are crucial to read if you are trying to learn as much about the movie as possible.

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