More Flexibility With Ab Rocket Than Yoga

Yoga is a great way to find balance in your life, to develop body control and to get core muscles that show off any weight lifter. It is an ideal way to get in shape but it requires a strong time commitment and the need to follow a studio’s class schedule. To get the same effect, if not even better, there is the AB Rocket, which enables you to loose weight as well as giving your body the lean look. The Ab Rocket keeps in mind similar principles as yoga because it makes sure that your body is worked in the right spots without putting pressure on areas that should be relaxed. This is achieved by the set up and built of the machine as it looks like a rocking chair with a headrest. It provides support for you neck and lets you focus only on the areas that truly matter.

Good yoga studios are often located far away from home and require planning to make sure a spot will still be available in the class when you intend to go. This can be challenging as schedules and availability change quickly and many times with short notice. With the Ab Rocket there is no need for a schedule, apart from your own desire, flexibility and commitment. It can be used before work, during the lunch break, or late at night. There are no restrictions, just opportunities.