New Girl  is Charming

New Girl, on Tuesday nights, is cute, corky and entertaining. If you have scene it and you like slap-stick humor then you should give the show a chance. Most would agree, New Girl isn’t the best show on the air right now, but it does have potential to be a great show. If you follow the show, you might be slightly disappointed with the way the show is moving. If you are a religious Jersey Shore and Real Housewives, type of person, New Girl might not be a good fit. Jess (Zoey Deschanel) stars in the show playing a fun-loving school teacher. She is the typical girl next door, charming, adorable, and corky.

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Here’s a break down of the show. Jess plays the main character, “the girl next door, corky-cute”, naturally Jess has a gorgeous model best friend, Ceci (Hannah Simone), who is your typical hot girl, cool, calm, and collected. However, late in the season Cici decided that she wanted to have a real relationship with Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Jess’s roommate (who she was just sleeping with at first). Schmidt is the classic, “a guy like me could never get a girl like that.”  The show is so predictable. It’s clear that a relationship between Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess will more than likely happen. I don’t know if the audience has really fallen in love with Nick yet. Last episode, Nick went off the deep end and started growing tomato plants.