Hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria, the most powerful storms of the century, made landfall as category five storms on the US Virgin Islands causing widespread devastation. As the residents of the island struggle to rebuild their lives from the rubbles left by the two storms, the government, knowing well that it will take months to restore the island to its previous state, is doing its part in helping and guiding the residents in their efforts.

An expert advisory committee called ‘The V.I. Hurricane and Resiliency Advisory Group’ is created to guide and help the people in their efforts to rebuild their lives after the storms. This group will function under the office of the Governor and consist of officials, experts, and thought leaders from various walks of life both from the local and the United States. The eighteen-member group will have Clifford Graham (President and CEO, West Indian Company) as its chairman. The other members of the team are:

1. Jerome M. Adams (U.S. Surgeon General)

2. Elizabeth Armstrong (General manager, Buccaneer Hotel, St. Croix)

3. Valdamier Collens (Commissioner, USVI Department of Finance and Executive Director, Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority)

4. Vivek Daswani (President, Royal Caribbean)

5. Judith Enck (Visiting Scholar, Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University)

6. Andrew Farkas (Founder, chairman, and CEO, Island Capital Group)

7. Eugene Farrell (Chief of Staff to Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp)

8. Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr (Virgin Islands)

9. Daryl Griffith (Acting executive director and chief financial officer, V.I. Housing Finance Authority)

10. Anthony Hurley (Associate managing director, Witt O’Briens)

11. Hans Lawaetz (President, Annaly Farms, Inc.)

12. John McInnis III (Director, Kenny Chesney Foundation, and CEO, McInnis Industries)

13. Beverly Nicholson-Doty (Commissioner of Tourism, USVI)

14. Basil Ottley (Director of policy, Insular Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior)

15. Geri Purvis (FEMA)

16. Marjorie Roberts (Head, Marjorie Rawls Roberts, P.C)

17. Harriet Tregoning (Ex-Principal deputy assistant secretary, Community Planning and Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)

While the group’s primary focus is the security and economic recovery of the island, it will also focus on the following:

1. Plan, coordinate and implement USVI’s response and recovery efforts.

2. Develop a centralized plan to attract and leverage recovery efforts from various groups.

3. Develop and implement an economic recovery plan with a focus on Tourism Industry.

4. Monitor the distribution and spending of federal disaster assistance funds as well as private donations.

5. Plan actions needed for making USVI resilient against natural hazards.