No Mess, Just Fun Crazy Critters

The days of cotton stuffing-filled living rooms, stairs and kitchens are over. Your pet does not need to get new toys every second day because it destroyed the one hat was meant to last for months.  Crazy Critters is not like any other toy because it was invented for the purpose of giving your dog the extra quality toy it needs. Other toys are made for children who will never play as intensively and sometimes as violently as a pet. Crazy Critters on the other hand has thought about and implemented all of the extra requirements to offer your pet with a fun lasting experience.

Crazy Critters is 24 inches long and has squeakers in the front an in the back. This makes it easy to play with your pet as well because you can treat it like a ribbon and hold it on the one end while your dog grabs the other. The game of tug of war can begin! They are also made out of reinforced and very strong plush fur to provide hours of healthy and safe fun. With its stuffing-free inside it makes it is easy to play with and due to its flat shape it can lay flat without taking away much space.