Organizations that help in Nepal

There are quite a few people who wish to help after the terrible earthquakes in Nepal and there is a list of these organizations below. There are four major relief groups that are sending workers and supplies to Nepal, and the country is attempting to recover and rebuild with their help. Islamic Relief and their cousins in the nonprofit field want to see Nepal return to normal after such a devastating event.

#1: Action Aide

Action Aide is one of the best relief groups in the world, and they are sending people to Nepal to help with clothing, food and rebuilding. They are ensuring that the country is given as many services as possible to help the country rebuild.

#2: Care International

Care International is ensuring that they are giving food and clothing to those who have been displaced from their homes. The homes that are built in these locations will be right for the families that lost their homes to the earthquakes, and Care International has workers on the ground who are helping.

#3: Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide knows that the people of Nepal need the help with their homes, their personal needs and recovering from deaths in the family. There were many people who were hit by these earthquakes, and they must be allowed to recover using services that are sent over by groups such as Concern Worldwide. The nonprofit has many volunteers who come over for a week or two at a time, and they have sent staff members to work in the country.

#4: Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief USA is the largest of the groups that are helping in the country, and they are bringing the full force of a large nonprofit that collects millions in donations every year. The country needs as much help as it can get, and there are many Muslims in the country will receive help rebuilding their mosques, making their homes ready for worship and eating halal food. Someone who wishes to donate to the country may donate to Islamic Relief, and they will find that the Muslims in the country are respected.

There are quite a few people working on relief in Nepal, and they are finding that the country will recover with help from all their nonprofit cousins. The country must rebuild and clothe/feed its people. There are many workers on the ground who are helping through organizations such as Islamic Relief.