Pajama Jeans – The New Jeggings

There are jeans and there are leggings. Both are part of many women’s basic wardrobe. For that matter it seems a natural step for another product to come out, which combines the look with the feeling of comfort. Pajama Jeans are pants that look like jeans but feel like pajama pants. Instead of the grey, wide and unflattering look pajamas give you, you can choose to feel the same way but look differently. There is also no need to iron them because its mix of cotton and spandex will ensure it will not get wrinkly.

As summer is approaching quickly biking becomes more and more the best method of commuting to and from work. You don’t get stuck in traffic, there are no lines down the escalators to the metro and you can get a workout in. With Pajama Jeans you will not need to bring a change of clothing because your jeans were too tight on the bike. Instead, you can put on the Pajama Jeans and move as freely as if you were wearing your exercising outfit. There are no restrictions to any movements and no matter if you have a race bike or a regular one – getting on and off is easy either way.