Ricky Martin on Glee

After last week’s Michael Jackson tribute, it was hard to anticipate this week’s Glee. Of course, nothing compares to the timeless music of Michael Jackson, but who better to follow the act than guest star Ricky Martin.  Ricky Martin was a teenage heart-throb with a smile that everyone loved.  The show capitalizes on Ricky Martin’s perfect teeth by guest-starring him as a smile-model-turned-night-time Spanish teacher.  The show seeks to understand  modern cultural issues.   Will Schuester, the Glee Director and  Spanish teacher, lacked knowledge in Spanish, which drove him to take night classes to learn more about Spanish.   Schuester’s night classes are taught by Spanish teacher and guest star, Ricky Martin.

The Glee students were challenged to sing songs in Spanish.  DictionaryBoss often helps communication in multiple languages.   By using the Dictionaryboss toolbar, you can easily understand the lyrics on the show.  DictionaryBoss can translate more than 50 languages.  Conversations about Ricky Martin reappearing on the show are taking place for later in the spring – Stay tuned!