Saving Energy One Volt at a Time

As the world moves towards a greener mindset, it isn’t a far stretch to say this decade will be defined by the word conserve. With companies such as Cenergistic (formerly known as Energy Education) leading the charge in improving energy savings. The Dallas, Texas-based firm is dedicated itself to helping schools k-12 in 85 school districts around the country in reducing energy, and takes its fee as the percentage of savings.

An example of this is with Cenergistic’s recently signed contract with the Mobile, Alabama school district. They have projected savings of around $75 million over the next ten years for the school district. $60 million of the $75 million will go back to the school district. The Baldwin County school district in Alabama has reported saving more than $2 million since they began working with Cenergistic barely a year ago.

Its method is built on a proprietary methodology, which optimizes clients infrastructure, improves internal processes and changes behavior as a means of ensuring that saving ensure. In the case of the Mobile school district, they have to pay $16,660 for the next three year and $6,497 for every year after that. Furthermore, the schools in the district are required to give office space to 4 energy specialists that will be visiting each school and help them devise ways to save money. While this may seem like a lot the Mobile school district is project to save $2-3 million over the next two years. Easily offsetting the cost the schools acquire from the contract on top of providing a clause in their contract that reimburse the school district the costs of the program surpass the total savings projected for a full year.

This tried and true method has earned it many achievements such as the ENERGY STAR certification, saving its clients a massive $3 billion over the course of its 25 history, and most recently receiving the ENERGY STAR Partner of the award for sustained excellence. Cenergistic has also signed up 130 new Energy Star Partners in addition to its work with school districts around the countries on saving energy.