In honor of a permanent mission the United Arab Emirates has made to the United Nations, Abeer Al Otaiba’s most recent fashion show has been allowed to make headlines. SemSem was inspired from motherhood because it requires that a mother answers to a higher form of love. SemSem honors relationships between mothers and daughters for this reason as a mother dedicates herself to teaching her daughter how to live a beautiful, kind, and graceful lifestyle. This sense of love carries over into SemSem’s design line.

About SemSem’s Founder
As the wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba, Abeer Al Otaiba has dedicated her life to making this clothing line for women to reflect her own life’s experiences. First and foremost, it is important to note that she has a degree in civil engineering, so she has a great deal of experience in knowing what women want out of their clothes. She wants to make these outfits pay close attention to detail while making functionality through quality a top priority. She lived in France as a child and then along the Mediterranean for a long part of her life in the Emirates, so it is important to note that she has a great sense of style. She wants to make sure that these clothes are for people that are resort-ready at all times.

About the Fashion Show
The United Nations agreed to hold this fashion show because of the campaign Abeer Al Otaiba has put herself behind. She stands for positive energy in the world for women, and she especially stands behind her goals to see equal education for girls and women in all countries. Another major facet of her belief system is general equality for everyone.

Lana Nusseibeh, who is the ambassador and permanent representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, will be hosting this event. Guests will be able to view and purchase items from the show, which is a great opportunity for mothers and daughters alike. All of the proceeds from these sales will go to the International Rescue Committee.

This organization is the one that SemSem has decided to partner with for the year. SemSem picks a different partner each year, and they always work to raise money and awareness for the associated cause being cared for. She wants to be sure to spread things like gender equality, literacy, health, legal awareness, and education to all women and children in the world.

This fashion show has done much to garner support and awareness for its cause this year. This peaceful demonstration of motherhood at its finest has been well receipted, and it might be the end to many concerns in the world in the long run.