Social Entrepreneur Explores TV Culture

The social entrepreneur finds opportunities to use consumer behavior as a resource for new ideas.  In MyGlobalSearch Info, exploring different cultures is a great to explore your creativity and to develop new processes.

Behavior can be tracked through social media, television, movies, types of travel, etc…  For example television can a great source of behavioral tracking, whether you watch Jersey Shore, Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, or Family Guy, your television behavior places you into a category or as a “type of person.”

As you traveling abroad, you may notice that social media behaviors, television behaviors, and fashion behaviors are different from place to place.  This is because different cultures are attracted to different ideas.

Often television shows that are popular in the U.K., won’t be popular in the U.S., and via versa. Our global network is entirely connected through social media, but what experts are learning is that even though we are interconnected, we maintain a certain cultural loyalty.