Sun-Productions Introduces Smiley Central

Sun-Productions never fails when it comes to keeping readers in the know about interesting downloads like Smiley Central. The Web site published an article about summer concert style, in light of the recent Coachella festival that had the blogosphere going wild reporting the latest warm-weather bohemian trends.  Were you lucky enough to attend the renowned festival in California? If so, you have plenty of reasons to exercise some of those excited emoticons from Smiley Central. Meanwhile, we’ll just use our “jealous” smiley.

Sun-Productions discussed how fashion bloggers and reporters all flock to the festival, eager to be the first to declare the season’s “look.” This year, maxi dresses and skirts, floppy hats and sandals were spotted everywhere, along with loose knits paired with cut-offs and combat boots. One look says “free spirit,” while the other screams “rock star,” but both were popular among the ladies of Coachella, and we’re sure to see similar looks popping up across the country.