Top Celebrities Attend Miami Heat DJ Irie Event

Top Celebrities NFL’s Reggie Bush, Jonathan Vilma, and Chris Kirtpatrick attended Miami Heat DJ Irie event, in celebration the 2012 Miami Heat Championship, according to Babbitts Sports Center. The event was hosted by  Ludus Athletic and Irie Foundation and took place at the end of June on the exclusive Star Island.

Ludus founder and CEO Hamed Wardak said, “It’s been such a great time of celebration in Miami, but this three day weekend solely dedicated to DJ Irie’s charity is the best gift of all.”

Ludus Athletics is an everyday brand that encompasses the laid-back lifestyle of its founding city, Miami. Ludus Athletics aims to combined fun, fashion, and fundraising. The motto, “Ludus love the world,” which represents the company’s number one goal, which is giving back to the community. Ludus values aesthetics and often partners with organizations like the Irie Foundation.

This is the second year that Ludus Athletic and the Irie Foundation have joined forces. The Irie Foundation is an organization focused on the youth of South Florida. The foundation is dedicated to providing educational and extracurricular activities that increase graduation rates. Students typically start the program in middle school with the opportunity to continue the program through high school for the chance to receive scholarships for higher education. The foundation as a strong interests in the arts and encourages members to participate in the arts.