Power couples are not simply relegated to Hollywood elite. Washington, D.C. has its fair share of duos delivering a one-two punch to the status quo and bringing sociopolitical clout to the conversations and actions of one of the most powerful cities on the planet. How these couples got into the power play positions they have varies, but the fact that they have leveraged their positions to make changes to the system and do it with public acknowledgment makes them major players in today’s politics.

United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba and Abeer Al Otaiba
As the UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba represents the United Arab Emirates and has a strong voice regarding Arab and Middle Eastern relations with Washington. He’s supported the United States against Iranian interests to help stabilize the region, particularly when it comes to the success of OPEC. His wife, Abeer Al Otaiba has positioned herself as a figurehead for the changing dynamic of women in the Middle East. As a voice for humanitarianism, she has helped orchestrate the construction of cell phone towers throughout the Middle East and Africa. In the US, she works with the Children’s National Medical Centre and helped found a clothing line called SemSem. SemSem works with a number or organizations to promote equality, children’s rights and more. These two voices from the other side of the world bring a modern image to Arab culture.

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Despite the fact that they have left the White House behind, the Obamas are poised to remain an important power couple among the Washington elite, particularly the leadership of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama comes off of a divisive presidency that still had strong approval ratings as he left office. The president himself was able to pass healthcare reform, drew down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and ordered the strike on Osama Bin Laden. Michelle pushed for a movement to educate the importance of a proper diet and exercise for America’s children and adults alike. Politically, the Obamas did what few President/First Lady combinations have done in that they both had social and political agendas and achieved much of them. Culturally, they represented America with class and sophistication, establishing themselves as a modern couple with mutual respect.

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos
Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is at the forefront of a changing dynamic within modern business. Besides being the second richest man in the world and running numerous companies, he leverages his financial power and political clout in a variety of manners within Washington’s elite. Most notably, his company, Blue Origin, is poised to be one of the first successful commercial space flight proprietors with additional ties to NASA. He recently also bought The Washington Post, making him in control of the city’s most popular newspaper voice. His wife, Mackenzie, is a successful writer who studied under Pulitzer-prize winning author Toni Morrison. She runs a variety of philanthropic ventures, most notably in the field of gay rights and anti-bullying. With their financial standing and important voices, they have become a power couple poised to influence Washington.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
The daughter and son-in-law of President Donald Trump have positioned themselves as one of the preeminent power couples in Washington, D.C., since the inauguration. Both have become important political advisers to the commander-in-chief. Jared Kushner is a successful businessman in his own right, excelling at real estate and other ventures. Ivanka Trump ran a successful clothing line among other businesses as well as many philanthropic causes. Kushner was appointed as a Senior Advisor and represents the president as a foreign dignitary and major policy adviser. Likewise, Ivanka Trump is an Assistant to the President, focusing primarily on domestic and humanitarian issues. These two have become one of the most important power couples in DC and besides having the ear of the president, they have the added bonus of being family.