What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas

Two photos of the charming Prince Harry have been circling the media. The first photo is an image of Harry standing and wearing nothing but a wrist watch and a necklace. You can also see another naked person cuddled up behind him. The second picture is Prince Harry playing pool naked and standing behind a naked girl, who is also playing pool.

What was the saying? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? I guess for Prince Harry, what happened in Vegas, certainly did not stay in Vegas. unless you’re Prince Harry. Apparently, the young Prince was playing a game of strip billiards in a “high rollers suite.”

Critics want to know why the Prince was playing the game in the first place. Others wonder what kind of person would get invited to “hang out” with Prince Harry and then sell those pictures to the press. Regardless or blame, the pictures are out, and the Royal family isn’t happy.

The website of the Daily Mail, a middlebrow tabloid, suggested that “Harry needed a rest after all that Olympic duty but it appears the fun may have got out of hand.”

On The Morning Show, a syndicated radio program, Danielle Monaro said, “The Queen must be sooo proud that Prince Harry showed us his crown jewels!!!! Lol.”

Prince Harry known for getting into these controversial situations. When he was 16 he was faced with accusations of under-age drinking and cannabis use. In 2005, he was wore a Nazi soldier uniform to a fancy dress party. Then in 2009, a video was post featuring of the Prince using explicit language to describe members of his military unit.

Source: CNN